10 Steps To Last Longer In Bed Training

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No Theory. No BS. Just Lasting Longer.

“How you can last 10-60 minutes longer in bed by following my 10 simple steps that force you to last longer”

This approach is NEW and works for lifelong AND aquired premature ejaculation men. Everyone can follow these steps, read below.



Why this training is so effective:

  • it gets rid of all the reasons why you don’t last longer in the first place
  • you get 10 clear, simple steps, so you can just follow them without thinking and last longer
  • you will receive homework to do
  • the steps are build upon each other so each step literally forces you to last longer more and more every time
  • it contains the 2 missing puzzles, which are crucial and nobody is talking about, without them there is just no way for you to last longer

Hey Dude, (Who Is Going To Last Forever Very Very Soon)
what’s going on, I assume you want to last longer in bed, if you’re reading this, right?

What is going on, I’m DAVID from Germany (that is me on the photo from my hotel room in Frankfurt, where I slept with this beautiful chick in the same night, easily, because I knew I would last long in bed. I’m not telling it to you to brag but to show which kind of confidence one gets if he knows he will last as long as he wants to..)

..and in this short text I’m gonna show how you can Last 10-30-120 Minutes Longer Every Single Time By Following My 10 Rinse And Repeat Steps

This.. without being a trained Sex-Guru, without using all that ineffective and silly Stop-And-Start or Squeeze techniques or dangerous and expensive PILLS and creams and all that stuff…

I know it’s a bold claim and you should be skeptical… BUT in the next 30 seconds I will prove this to you with undeniable proof

So first, here is the usual progress a guy makes with a lifelong PE-history within 1-3 Weeks of training…


Check out what a german physician who uses my course to help his PE patiens has to say:

“For me as a doctor your explanations were really interesting
and did a good job helping my PE-paients. I hope I didn’t violate
your copyright by doing so..” – Peter

What a German Physician has to say about my methods to last longer

And he wasn’t even talking about my new 10 steps system, he was talking about my general course on PE (which is included in these 10 steps btw.)

And here are a bunch of screenshots of messages that I get from people trippling their lasting time in the first day and lasting 20-60 min later because of my process:

(Translation from German)

*All these statements are experiences of the course users and don’t have to be typical and it can’t be guaranteed that you have the same results. I am proud of  what the users of my “10 steps to last longer course” have achieved and I hope that you will too.

“Hello David!
I am so incredibly happy that I found your 10 steps. After the first 5 steps I lasted 10 minutes and after the last 5 steps I reached the point where I can last 20 minutes. – David S.

“Before the breathing techniques I would last max. 10 minutes. Today I was able to last 25 minutes. using your breathing + the 5x Matrix technique.” – Philipp

“Yesterday I had the sex of my life :-) […] It’s unbelievable that one really can last for a whole hour! I have never invested 27€ that well 😄” – Marc

Before: 30 seconds After: “Now I can decide by myself, when I …” – Kevin

“Hello David, yesterday night I finished the 8th step. Now I am easyly lasting 45min, with potential for more – simply sensational.” – Alexander

(I could easyly go on and on with the testimonials, check my german site..)

And the funny thing is these guys simply follow the same 10 step process and every time it results in blockbuster lasting times for anyone that uses it

(Even if you’re just starting out having sex)

It is this easy because these 10 steps get rid of all the REASONS why you don’t last longer, so they literally FORCE you to last longer

I have been there too. And I know exactly what it is to have a really good looking girlfriend but not being even ABLE to enjoy sex with her, because it lasts only 1-2 minutes and her unsatisfied FACE after those 1-2 minutes and of course being LEFT every time because of this shhhit

Even if you’re the coolest and most interesting guy in the world, if you can’t „give it to her“ and can’t last long enough then she’ll say „Good Bye“ and „Let’s just be friends“ and so on, if she’s not ugly
(yes, ugly girls are happy that you stay with them at all!)

That’s what I’ve learned.. And I didn’t want to be with ugly girls, I like good looking women, with NICE body, NICE ass and breasts and face…

You CAN seduce them, but you’ll never be able to KEEP them if you don’t last long enough…

That SUCKS and was the major problem of my life for 26 years,
which I SOLVED

You might call me crazy, but you know what I did?

I went and said „I won’t seduce NOT A SINGLE woman again and have NO SEX AT ALL until I figure out how to LAST AS MUCH AS I WANT in bed and just KILL my Premature Ejaculation“

From then on I’ve put all my time and energy to solve the problem…
I’ve read tons and tons of information online and bought all the courses out there and applied everything and tried out EVERYTHING I could get my hands on…

I very soon had to find out that all that stuff they claimed to work did NOT so I had to find my own solution.

And all that information and the experimenting experience made me begin to slowly understand how it works…

The puzzles have fit more and more together and made me understand what I needed to ADD to all the stuff I’ve learned through reading and experimenting to make this stuff WORK LIKE CRAZY

And it did and to simplify all this I’ve put it in 10 simple, easy to follow steps

The really cool and fun part of it is that if I tell my girlfriends or fuckbuddies about this course and the 10 steps, they’re really surprised and say

„What, David, YOU had a problem with premature ejaculation? I didn’t notice any of it !! :)“

So unless you’re the next born pornstar like Rocco Siffredi, without this process you’ll first have to go through all that crap that I did, trying out all the methods and ineffective techniques out there online, free AND paid, and play russian roulette every time you sleep with a new girl

(and have to face being hated and left for not satisfying her female needs…)

And if you’ll want to try to solve the problem on your own, inventing your own techniques, make sure you have 2 years of time and patience and a whole lot of luck to really find out and invent a working solution…

But really, all you need to is just follow these 10 steps.

Do not think, do not try to learn female anatomy, just follow these damn 10 steps that make my students last longer over and over again.  (Can you do that?)

Now imagine applying those steps and suddenly finding yourself lasting as long as you want and being absolutely sure you will rock your girlfriends world and make her addicted to sex with you..

Well great, then you need to get David’s amazing and completely overhyped most excellent 10 steps to last way way way way way waaaay longer than you do now

OK, what you get, my friend is the exact 10 steps which will force you to last 10-60 Minutes longer in bed, but more so you get a proven to work effective Sex-Strategy for every girlfriend that you’re gonna have and every fuckbuddy and this approach you will NOT find anywhere else..

Not only that, I will throw in some of cool BONUSes and a FAQ-report, where I ALREADY have answered the most asked questions, so you can jump in and have everything you need to last longer

Even MORE good news for you today:

Now the german version of this course is highly successfull and is priced at  39,90€  to  269€  depending on the package (equals $45 to $305)

But since I am just starting out on the english-speaking market I set the beginning price to rediculous 19$ for THE WHOLE package. Later I will raise the price, just like I did in Germany (obviousely).

However, this crazy 57% discount is only for a very short time. If you’re reading my newsletter you’ve already found out that I am well known for raising the prices…

(You can come back later and pay A LOT more if you want)

One more thing…

I made this process to HELP you, not to take your money and run.

That is why I am offering you a 30 day iron clad „refund for no reason at all“ refund policy + I will give you $100 bucks if this doesn’t improve your lasting time all

(which would be really really weird and mean that you’re from another planet or something..)

This is maybe your only chance to get the bonus, this crazy refund guarantee and the 62% off price

(There is literally no risk for you, it’s all on me)

The Rules For This Training

Now before you go and hit the buy-button, let me tell you that this training is NOT for everyone. I definitely DON’T want to deal with guys who aren’t serious about it. I want you to have results, so I’ve created 2 rules for this training:

1) you can join only if you’re fed up with PE and want to work on it intensely in the next 1-2 months

2) you must be willing to do all the excercises in those 10 steps and send me the results of your “homework” in order to get access to the next steps.

Now if you meet these requirements, then go below, hit the buy button, go through paypal, make the payment and you’ll be taken to the members area in seconds

See you on the inside![/text_block]

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Current Price: $19 $97




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P.S.: get the course while it’s only 19$, the price will be raised very soon.